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Apols for my absence of late - have been away most of the last month and so have missed most of the action on the forum. Rob did manage to show me the Brokeback poster. Nice!! Have some posts coming with the cigars I have been trying. Apols also that I am away for most of the next 6 weeks - that may include a couple of weeks fishing so I will be sure to take a range and report back, if I can keep my scungy mates’ hands off them. They seem to think I am awalking humidor. Much the same way I think of Rob.

While I do have some individual posts coming, I guess that the highlights have been a few Siglo Vis, which have been spectacular. I wonder whether these or the Esplendido’s are my fav Cohibas but I do think that unless the Esplendido’s are at the absolute top of their game, the Siglo VI has it. I’m loving the Punch SS2's but quickly running out. Have seen a bit on the discontinuation of some of the current smokes and, as sad as some of that is, I still pray for the reinstatement of the PSS2's before all else. Another highlight has been a box I got from Rob’s older set, the Hoyo DC 2001. Been interrested in the comments re vintages. Certainly, I think that the larger formats I have seen from 2001 should elevate it higher than it was in many lists. 1997 has been very good and also 1998. 2005 seems best for me of the younger years.

Others that looked good included Partagas D4 and P2, M/C-2 and I am liking the R&J Short Churchills more and more. Disappointments have included a few of the Trinidad range and the Cuaba Salamones.

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