In Memorium - Partagas Corona Cabinet (SUA JUN01)


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It’s hard to believe that this cigar is being discontinued. I’ll admit that I have a congenital predisposition to all things Partagas, and the Corona is an essential weapon in my arsenal. It’s definitely a concealed carry item, but with all the firepower of a howitzer.

There was nothing very distinctive about its appearance. This Party Corona was medium brown, with a few greenish splotches just to let me know it’s been around the block a time or two. It was medium firm to the touch, and well rolled. The pre-light scents were all barnyard and spice, with a slightly sweet quality to the nose.

When ignited, this little firecracker got right down to business. It didn’t even try to appear sophisticated, restrained, or smooth. It just hammered away at every available mucous membrane with pepper, spice, and more pepper. Sure, there was the classic Partagas flavor profile, with decaying wood, leather, cinnamon and spices, but the dominant feature was pepper. Fresh ground black pepper, habanero peppers, and more. Admittedly, most Partagas vitolas start off with a blast of peppery spice, but most are pretty easily tamed, and settle down into a more moderate, complex profile. This Corona stayed right in my face. There was tangy pepper on the inhale, black pepper that sizzled on my tongue when I held the smoke in my mouth, and habanero pepper that numbed my lips when I blew it out. And if you exhale nasally, as I do, well… let’s just say you won’t be thinking about anything else.

The Party Corona is good for at least forty-five minutes of concentrated, illicit, prurient interest. Definitely X-rated and unsuitable for minors. I’m reminded of a good East Indian curry, or a bowl of all-American red Texas Chili. You might complain about the heat, but you won’t stop until it’s all gone, savoring the burning aftertaste while you finish another glass of ice water. Delicious!

Well, rest in peace, my friend. But you can bet I’ll have a few coffins of these little devils around for a few years to come. I don’t eat Chili every day, but when I do, I like it five-alarm hot!

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Great review Shrink :ok:

I find it hard to fathom that they would discontinue arguably Cuba's finest Corona. I wil find out more early October as to the thinking behind this decision. I have to believe that common sense will prevail.

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