SCdLH- La Fuerza

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CIGAR: San Christobal de La Habana- La Feurza

DATE: 09/02/06

SIZE: 50 ring X 5 1/2 inches

SHAPE: Gordito


AGE: 2005 box code unknown

I was finishing up some reading for a paper I needed to write and noticed it had stopped raining so I headed outside for a smoke while reading. I opened my humidor and narrowed the choice to two sticks, this one or the Mag 46 (I haven’t tried a Mag yet). I have only had one of these previously but it was during a night of multiple smokes and drinks so I wanted to get a different perspective. I brought along a glass of ice water because it was HOT outside.

The wrapper was a light-medium Colorado and showed no veins. I used a knife to pop the cap and noticed a small divot in the end of the cigar. The pre-light draw had a mild spice and told me there wouldn’t be any draw problems. I was eager to light this beauty. A few draws after lighting I immediately tasted the molasses flavor that is associated with this marca. A few draws later the flavor of fresh roasted coffee appeared along with a wide smile on my face. The body was mild but the flavor FULL. I am lovin’ this cigar. These two flavors played back and forth through the entire first third. Toward the end of the first third the burn became a little uneven but was remedied easily by turning the cigar in the ashtray.

At the start of the second third the body picked up to medium accompanied by a mild floral sweetness. Then came the taste of nutmeg, leather, and the coffee again. This cigar became a complex flavor bomb. One draw was mild and sweet, the next was sharp and full flavored. I have yet to have a cigar that changed flavor with each draw like this one did. I had to start writing these tastes down because the changes were constant. I was shaking my head in disbelief. This was definitely a unique experience. Just before beginning the last third the flavor mellowed and the floral sweetness continued in to the last third.

Shortly after the last third of this cigar began I purged and in the next draw the coffee and molasses came back full force. I smoked half of the last third and then the little guy woke up from his nap so I had to put this beauty down to begin preparing a snack for him.

In summary this was a excellent cigar. The draw was a consistent medium throughout the entire cigar. The complexity was unbelievable through the entire 2/3. It did become just a tad harsh before I put it down (probably because of the young age). This is another one to add to my growing list of “must haves”.

Five out of six smoke rings

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Excellent review Diggamus.

Your experience is similar to many on the 06 releases....bloody good tasty cigars. It also sets to rest many of the arguments from the flat earth society that all Cuban cigars currently taste the same ;-)

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