Lisa... what have you been smoking the last few months?

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... cigars that is! Not sure that was phrased properly.:no:

Seriously, what cigars have you smoked the past few months? I know you went wild in Las Vegas/NYC, but excluding that trip, what have you smoked? Anything that has surprised you? Good/bad?

What is your feeling on the seeming demise of thin gauged cigars? I would ask if you prefer thin/thick RG's, but that could be taken the wrong way. :surprised:

How many cigars do you think you smoke in a week/month/year?

What do you drink while smoking? Does your husband smoke also?

Sorry if it sounds like I'm prying, I just get tired of talking to Rob all the time. :-D Just kidding.

Seriously, I just haven't heard from you in awhile, except of course your witty jokes. :lol3:

Hope all is well. Take care.

P.S. When are you due for your next pay raise? :clap: Does Rob pay you in Aussi dollars or cigars?:lookaround:

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Sorry for the delay in responding but Rob has been keeping me busy away from the forum ....I think he didn't want me to see the post :-D

As I don't tend to have much time on my hands these days between working and running the Restaurant I tend to keep my cigars small and light.......

The cigars on my top 5 are the follwoing:-

Hoyo De Monterrey Depute

Hoyo De Monterrey Le Hoyo Du Maire

El Rey Del Mundo Elegantes (I can hear you all say "What ???? Where did she get them ??? " Darling Rob has a box put aside from his own stock just for me as he knows I loved them :-D He is a sweetie (Hows that for buttering up :lol2: )

La Gloria D'Or No 4

Vegas Robaina Famosos

Strange thing is my husband and apprentice chef enjoy cigars more than me these days but we still try to find time to sit back and smoke a cigar after a great meal.

I will try to be around more often that's if Rob lets me ;-)

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