psd#4(first review)

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I know better than this but, mind you i have a cold and i just received. So Im only able to pick up on the dominent features of this bad boy. It had tastes of spice, wood, toast and a slight creaminess could not pick up any underlying flavors(due to cold). Which im kicking myself for not waiting another week or two but how can you blame It did smoke the same all the way through and wondering if it will pick it up some as time goes on? For me, i enjoyed it very much and would not hesitate to pick up more. A very impresive smoke. I would deffiently give it a 90-92. I will try another in six months. Any info would help me out alot on these.


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I'll give you credit for smoking a PSD4 with the sniffles. Did it cure your cold? At least you got your sinuses cleared out! LOL!

These are one of the great robustos, and one of the best Partagas has to offer. Haven't smoked anything younger than early '05, and these weren't as spicy as earlier issues. With habanos using aged tobacco, I am interested in how these smoke now. They used to be famous as one of the best young smokes ROTT. Still?

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Yeah it did clear them IT did pick up the spice a little past the halfway mark. I'm just wondering if this is the flat period that it is going through. Since it is a young cigar. A brother(doc) helped me out on another board about my boli pc's(nov/05). He told me that he usually didn't smoke any untill after their first birthday or within the first three months of the date. It is a good reference and i thank him for that. As to these i took a gamble and it paid off but i will not smoke anymore untill the year mark. Even if they are in the flat period, the flavors of this cigar was very good. imho. these are the flavors that i enjoy the most.


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I've been smoking Oct. '05s like cigarettes (not really, but I have put a serious dent into a box over the last week or so. :-D ), and while I know they are somewhat "closed in" in some of their flavors, they definitely are not sick. Breakfast of champions! :-)

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Try another D4 and a 1/2 bottle of whiskey.

You will either get better.....or not care :-D

Thankyou for the great review. Things are changing in Havana. The sick period may not be such a major issue in the future. Time will tell.

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