Siglo VI... I think I love you

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WOW. My mate and I took advantage of the recent Cohiba sale from the FOH offer and I got 8 X Siglo VIs and he got 4 X VIs and 4 X Lanceros, we both tried one today, he'd never had a Lanceros and I'd never had a VI (funny considering I bought 8 banking that I'd like them).

Well, all I can say is I wish I'd maybe had the spare cash to grab a full box of VIs, it was fantastic, took about an hour and 45 minutes to smoke, and was just awesome all the way through! He enjoyed his Lanceros and let me try a few puffs, and I have to say, I think I'm a big big Cohiba fan now, we enjoyed them with a couple of glasses of 7 year old Havana Club rum that he brought back from Cuba when he was there in April, followed by a couple of cups of black coffee.

I'm only new to this wonderful hobby (don't even have a humidor yet) but I'll now be squirreling away some cash for not only a nice humidor, but a full box of Siglo VIs, best cigar I've had so far, everything about it was fantastic, construction, draw, flavours, burn, etc.

Not a bad word to say about it!

Just thought I'd share :-P

- Adric

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My brother, you took a BIG bite off of the forbidden fruit. The Siglo VI is a wonderful cigar. But, in my opinion, the Lancero is even better. Regardless, you and your friend are now in posession of two of the world's finest cigars! Enjoy my brother.

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I smoked a young one (Niv 05) and I must admit it was fairly good for a young cigar. The interesting thing about this cigar is that I could already get an idea of what this cigar would be like with 5 more years on it. I keep telling myself patience is a virtue.......:-P

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I smoked my first Siglo VI last sunday and really enjoyed it. Yes, i know it was still a bit young (05 i think) but it was still really tasty. From the few Cohibas ive smoked, i think i like the CoRo the best though, but this was very close as far as favorites go.

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