Brokers Dry Gin


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I was running low on Hendricks and wanted to try Plymouth.

But on approaching my local beverage guy about the Plymouth he steered me to Brokers English Dry Gin.

Great bowler cap on this stuff. Uncapped it last night and mixed up a few Gin Rickeys with it!

Coming in at a wonderful 94 proof this is some ood chit mon! I found it smooth with great flavor and strength!

If you have not tried this one give it a go! :ok:

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» i'm a BIG gin drinker .... i'll have to give it a try !


» you need to try JUNIPERO - "hand made" in very small batches by Fritz

» Maytag , the owner of Anchor Steam Brewery....


» -bk

Had some more Brokers last night. Crap now the wife likes it! :-(

Junipero, huh? I'll see if I can locate it here on the east coast. Thanks!

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