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Guest lostgringo

Hello Everyone:

This my first post. I am been smoking Cuban Cigars it seems forever. I am fond of Monte Cristos #4. Although I will smoke Cohibas if I am forced ...twist my arm. I have made a yearly journey to travel to Cuba for my cigars. I figure that I get a free trip thrown if for the price I would pay for them here in Canada. If anyone want to know about customs, fake cuban cigars (yuck), and so on ether email me or reply to this post.

I spent 6 months this winter in Bogota, Colombia. I went to almost every cigar shop there. Populatioon 8 million. And, I did not fine one genuine cigar! And, to make matters worse I saw many people smoking the fakes and enjoying them to no end lol. I was low on my cigars so I had to make a run to Cuba.

Anyway, I will be happy to share what knowledge I have about Cuban Cigars.


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