Punch Punch 98

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Punch Punch From 98,

This is a beautiful cigar with a light sheen of oils from a flawless EMS wrapper, with minimal veins and a perfectly applied triple cap. I clipped this cigar, with my Palio cutter, thanks DED.

My POS Colibre doesn’t work, so I toast the foot, with a regular disposable bic. This cigar comes to life with a bang, nice spice, and a creamy back. From the beginning this cigar has my palate tingling, and the smoke production is nicely full.

The First third,

Rich and creamy, medium body, with a large dose of spice. Burn is spot on, and never needs correcting, leaving a firm grey ash with black specks. Near the last of the first third, this cigar starts getting complex, with hints of honey, and dates, added to the spicy blend. But even with all that flavor, the smoke stays creamy.

The second third.

This cigar continues to get even richer, and the body is moving from medium to full. The spice becomes a little less aggressive, and the flavors seem to round out a little more, with the honey and dates intermingling with nutmeg, cinnamon, and an occasional caramel notes.

The final third.

The body is definitely full at this point, and the caramel gets stronger, with notes of almonds and espresso joining the mix. The nicotine level is high, but it is matched with amazing flavors. I gently lay this stick to rest, after burning my lips and fingers, then pulling out the needle nose pliers to finish this amazing well aged habana.

This cigar is probably in my top ten cigars of all time. Due to it’s superior construction, amazing complexity, strength, and strong finish, I rate this stick a 4.8 on a 5.0 scale.

I would like to thank my friend Scott (A.K.A. Sli38) for allowing me to sample this masterpiece of a Cuban cigar.

Thanks again Bro.

Dave (A.K.A. Homebrew)

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Great review Dave :clap:

I have said before that there is a core of local Habanos Cohiba Robusto lovers who have been purchasing 2005 50 cabs of Punch Punch due to the sheer quality and amazing flavour profile of this Corona Gorda.

It is one of the most under estimated Habanos of all.

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