Only in Australia ?

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» ....I sense we could see these as the Sept. FOH special...... with the FOH

» logo of course....

LOL Now thats a novel Idea.......................:-D Rob could maybe market it as a cigar cutter pouch !

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I recently took some visiting relations into the city to do the gift shops etc... and this item had them rolloing on the floor in laughter. The old Kangeroo Scrotum money bag................ They've been around for quite a while and I've never given them a second thought until now.


What other country would cut the knackers off one of it's emblem animals and sell them in a gift shop ?

Who first looked at a kangeroos' scrotum and thought " That would make a nice place to put my small change in"

..................dangerous mind.

John Howard should give one to George Bush so George would'nt have to keep squeezing his.;-)


"What you looking at!"

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