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I just received my first order from Rob and Lisa. I already fired one one of the sticks. It didnt even have travel sickness since it took 3 days. Smoking a HdM Particulares and wonder where they have been all my life. :-D

But is this common for the cigars to not get travel sickness in such a short period of time? My old place took 1 to 2 weeks and I could tell the sickness in the first 1/4 to 1/2".

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» One thing that I have learned form the FOH members is that a 30 day waiting

» period will do wonders for a cigar. If you like them now you will love them

» in 30 days.

I never wait to bust out a cigar after getting them. It is the only way to truly tell how the cigar changes. Thats just my opinion. But yea, this cigar is a definite winner in my book after just getting them and looking forward to aging them when I get my new 3k stick humi.

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I used to be an impatient nellie. But I have found that if I wait at least 3 weeks it makes a world of difference.

Heat and humidity do make a difference and they need to acclimated to their new home I think.

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