Lazy Sunday afternoon ...................

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» Hey man is that a Leica?

Yeah, its my old Leica i used to work with :-D

It was my short lensed go-to camera that hung high around my neck while my big SLR's were low and around my shoulders when working.

If **** hit the fan in front of me thats what i would grab :rotfl:

BTW Rob .......... i got that watch from some fellow idiot i found down under :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

You should look into this whole Oris thing, pretty nice stuff :-P

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Guest cohiba

Nice camara, my Dad inherited one with several lenses filters etc. PRIME CONDITION !!!!! Cant wait till its mine.......hopefully later than sooner, if you know what i mean.

Nice photos, nice watch, nice cigar............................whats this forum coming too?

Whatever it is im enjoying it, something for EVERYONE


Hey by the way eamil some of those Vegas photos (please)

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