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» » The good thing about Aussie Superstars is that they are exemplary

» » ambassadors :wink:


» Ones a Yank, the others a Kiwi ;-)

....Oh how quickly we disown them :lol2:

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I'm afraid Mel Gibson has now taken himself out of the running for the B'nai B'rith "Man of the Year" and Honorary Israeli citizenship honours.

Where did that diatribe come from upon his being stopped for Driving Under the Influence? He always seemed to come across as a fairly level headed and even 'likeable' sort of guy....

WOW !!!! It appears Mr. Gibson has some issues here !

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» Hollywood ruined them. Now they think they are super duper godly types.


» Did you see that South Park spoof on Crowe? That **** was funny.

They're pretty good at that....Hollywood ruins just about everything and everyone.

Dont know if you guys have ever seen this show down under, but South Park rocks! (The episode with Mel was pretty damn funny too!)

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