H Upmann #2 (ECA SEP01)

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An Upmann #2 aged 5 or more years is one of my favorite torpedoes. :-) This sample was from a box I have been smoking from for the last couple of years. The wrapper was light tan in color with a slight grey/green tinge. Construction was excellent with the foot showing distinct layering. Aroma was sweet with spicy ginger bread and coriander notes. The prelight draw was firm with sweet tea, a hint of pepper, and gingerbread, that finished with a rich slightly musty mellow leather flavor.

The initial draw produced a light clean tobacco flavor with hints of pepper and a toasted nut flavor, somewhere between peanut and cashew. I even detected a slight saltiness. The draw at the onset was medium/firm, but became much easier about a third of the way in. The ash was white, serrated and firm, and there was a distinct thick black line at leading edge of the burn. First ash produced was 1.5” in length and left a perfect cone. Smoke volume and body at the onset were medium, and only gradually increased in the last third of the smoke. The burn throughout, even down to the nub, was even

The smoke was lush and round in the mouth with a sweet oriental milky spiciness reminiscent of an Indian Chai. A light toasted tobacco flavor mingled with sweet toasted nut flavors (verging on macadamia nut) to leave a lip smacking, spicy leather-like aftertaste. Halfway through, some cedar notes became discernable, but so did a mouthwatering tamarind, citrus-like flavor (lime chutney anyone?) and fresh ginger. The flavors were refreshing and encouraged repeated breathing through the mouth and nose to prolong the enjoyment.

In the final third, the cigar continued to build in strength and richness. It was a very hot and humid evening and the cold water I was sipping brought out more of the toasty, sweet spiciness of the cigar. Stronger cedar notes started to come through, but not overwhelming so, as did hints of licorice and cardamom. The cigar never became bitter and left a long lasting, clean and sweet aftertaste.

A well-aged Upmann #2 is an excellent smoke that evokes exotic flavors of the orient, and is the perfect after-dinner complement to a creamy curry dish or a fresh ginger stir-fry. :hungry: I have found that older Upmann #2s seem to become stronger midway through than some of the younger Upmann #2s I have smoked, or, for that matter, Monte #2s with a few years of age. (Sidebar: I have discerned hints of the Monte 2 flavor profile in younger Upmann #2. Has anyone else?) I recently smoked an Upmann #2 from ’06, and while it was very good, as young as it was, the flavors were compressed. There were hints of the exotic spiciness and toasted nuttiness that is found in the more aged samples, but there is also a slightly tannic sharpness demanding more aging.

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Hey, Stever... I love the Upmann #2. For me, the only pyramide that consistently beats it is the Party #2. As you note, it is a different smoke with age, and IME actually grows stronger with time. When young, the similarity to the Monte #2 is because of the bean flavors and bittersweet tones.

Bravo! This is easily the best review I have ever read of this cigar. I don't think I've ever smoked a #2 that good. I have a box of ENE03 that is mind-boggling strong, dominated by espresso, wood and hints of cocoa, with a distinct peppery finish. I also have a good-looking '01 in the humidor waiting to stabilize. I'll consult this review before I fire it up.

Thanks for a tantalizingly good read!

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Your description of the #2 from ENE03 is very similar to what I am finding in the MAR06s. It would be interesting to keep a 5-7 year log on the #2, and then post it. Regardless of age, I always enjoy opening a box of Upmann #2s, just to relish the heady, pungent barnyard and leather odors -a decidedly delicious stinkiness. :lol: It definitely leaves the impression that things are cooking! The MAR06 box also had some rich dark chocolate aromas, and a light bloom already forming on some of the sticks!

I've only smoked one P2, and unfortunately it must have been in its "sick period." I definitely want to revisit it once it has a few years on it.

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» Very nice review! A good cigar that always seems to remain in the shadow of

» the MC #2..... yet IMO has always been a better cigar.

I have the same code & just opened my second and, sadly, last box. These smokes really shine with age. Not only better than the Monte#2, but more consistant too.

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Agree Agree on the Upmann #2. I smoke a june or july 01 last night out of a box I got from Rob on the aged cigar list. They are old mellow sticks but full and robust cigars. Thanks again Lisa for picking out a nice box. The Dip #2 from the same year are nicew also.;-)

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