Partagas Lonsdale (SUA MAY01)

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While in Vegas for the RTDA, I met up with a friend from Charlottesville (he has since moved)...he was there attending a bachelor party. We met at Casa Fuente and enjoyed a cigar while sampling their wonderful drinks.

Partagas Lonsdale (SUA MAY01)

This was an attractive cigar. It had a light to medium brown wrapper with practically veins whatsoever. A very smooth wrapper. The seams were almost invisible and the triple cap was expertly applied. There were no soft spots in the cigar and only a very slight box press (from an SBN, not a cab). The pre-light nose was very mild, but had an essence of leather and earth with just a slight hint of spice. The pre-light draw was utterly perfect.

I am typically inept at lighting a cigar with a match, but managed to light this lonsdale with some measure of skill. It took to flame easily and I tested the draw...perfect once again. The smoke production was excellent, with each easy puff coaxing billowing mouthfuls of smoke from the cigar. The smoke was dense and rich, often traveling down and moving along the surface of the bar. The cigar burned dead even throughout the smoke and produced a medium-gray, firm ash. The smoke was cool throughout and I smoked this cigar down to the very nub. Excellent construction.

I find this to be the most subtle of Partagas. It is a much "softer" cigar than many in the line. It started off with some small measure of leather and earth mixed with a clean tobacco flavor. It is this leather feel more than anything else that makes a Partagas a Partagas to my taste buds. As the cigar progressed, it increased in richness, adding some toasted notes to the earth and leather and some citrus on the finish. Past the half-way mark, some cooking spice was added to the mix to complete the ensemble of flavors that I have come to expect from this cigar. None of these flavors were "in the face" type tastes, all were subtle, taking some reflection to completely appreciate. All in all, a very complex Partagas.

I really enjoy this cigar. It offers very complex flavors, but packages them in a subtle, never offensive manner. One of my favorites when I'm in the mood to concentrate fully on my cigar. I rate this cigar a nice steady A (92-93). Everyone says that the cabinet presentation is actually a better cigar...I can only imagine that it must be a fine cigar indeed.

Interestingly, I have two boxes of these lonsdales. I have been afflicted by the curse of the lonsdale on just about all boxes from 97-2002 that I have sampled. Upmann, ERDM, Bolivar...all have had serious construction problems. The Partagas? Not a bad cigar in the bunch. Just makes me wonder.

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Another excellent review, Dawg. When they aren't too tight, this is one of the best Partagas has to offer. Unfortunately, the cab I have has had serious draw problems. I gave up on 'em for now, and put 'em away for the next generation. Maybe I'll be reincarnated about the time they've opened up. ;-)

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