Punch Super Selection #1 ORE JUL 03


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» Your experience of this cigar parallels mine. These show a lot of

» potential, and should be "ripe" within a couple years or so. Very

» appetizing review!

I agree 100%. I have a cabinet from almost this exact code. I think even factory as well. I also have 1/2 a cab remaining from an 00 box. The 6 year old SS#1s are smoking incredibly right now. They are fantastic. The punchiest Punch on the market IMHO. I love this cigar.

Great review.:ok:

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Punch Super Selection #1 ORE JUL 03

I am reviewing this stick OTT, so please, bear that in mind.

This is a beautiful elegant looking cigar. You can’t even see the seam, without close inspection. Only fine veins on this dark Colorado wrapper, and the triple cap is expertly applied. A firm roll, with no lumps or soft spots. The prelight aroma is of leather earth, and a little barnyard, if you will.

I snip the cap with my Palio cutter, Thanks DED, and toast the foot. A simple pull, and the cigar springs to life. The first puff produces adequate, but not billowing Blue/gray smoke, and the initial flavors are of leather, sweet tea, and notes of cedar when expelled through the nose. This cigar starts medium bodied, and flavorful, but I sense that the body will be increasing from there.

During the first third, this cigar had a slight deviation in the burn at first, but it corrected itself about an inch in. There is a slight tannic taste, but it is barely discernable, and lends a little citrus bite, that I find quite pleasant. The Back and gray ash holds firm for almost two inches, until I forcibly knock it off.

The second third of this cigar, reveals some coffee and cocoa notes slipping in, as the sweet tea slips into the background. The burn has been spot on since it’s earlier correction, and this cigar is beginning to become more creamy and complex. The flavors seem to vary with each puff, and there is a spice building, which I can’t quite Identify. The cocoa is interchanging with the coffee, and the citrus is interplaying with the flavor of Almonds.

The last third, kicks it up a notch. The body moves to full, and I am starting to feel a nicotine buzz. Not overpowering, just a nice little buzz. I am beginning to think I should have eaten something before smoking this, but in the end, the buzz is just right. The cocoa flavor becomes the dominate flavor, and the citrus intermingles, and reminds me of a chocolate cream desert with an orange garnish. A nice long finish with this cigar. I happily report that I am still tasting it, for a good 45 minutes after I laid the ½” nub to rest. I rate this cigar a 4.4 for it’s wonderful construction, flavor, and strength. I plan on laying the rest of these down for a couple of more years, and believe that they will age gracefully.

A very nice habana.

Dave (A.K.A. Homebrew)


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