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I havent read the review, but this is one of my current favorites. I really like the Bolivar flavor profile, and so far this is my favorite in the Bolivar line. Medium to full bodied IMO with the classic earthyness that i find in Bolivars. I am definately not disappointed with this box.

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I'm a big fan of teh BBF's too. Whenever a non-cuban smoker comes over, this is usually the stick I give them to try. Well made, great flavor, and amongst many of it's charms, it's IMHO one of the best bargains going in the habanos line-up.

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Not having read the review in CA, I cannot be swayed one way or another. Damn Good Cigar! :ok: Cant beat it... got a load from the prez and was going to do a review in a few months after I enjoyed at least 10 of them, but here is a preview. Damn Good Cigar!

Hmmm, did I say that already? Nice peppery smooth spicy... with a hint of DAMN GOOD CIGAR!!

I like to kiss um & lick um for a 1/2 hour first though, it gets the toung all puckereed up. OH, I do that to the cigars too :lol:

sorry, I'm just a little biased towards BBF's. Hey, I know, get a box, no 2 boxes and smoke the hell out of um.

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