J&F Lurton, Chacayes 2002


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I’m always been a fan of new world wines, specially Chile and Argentina, but I’m impressed on the improvements Argentinean wines have made over the years. Chile has some great wines and I just love their Sauvignons, but I tried the 2002 J&F Lurton, Chacayes the other day and really left me with an open mouth. What a great wine!, never thought Argentineans could do wines like this. Simply extraordinary.

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these guys are french. jacques is a teriffic bloke - not met frederic, but they make wine all around the planet. jacques even has his own vineyard on kangaroo island. there are heaps of lurtons in bordeaux, where the family is extremely famous. cousin pierre makes both cheval blanc and yquem, making him one of the world's most high profile and important makers.

incidentally, a girl who spent years making wine for them in spain and france and so on, and who is originally argentinian, is now the winemaker for summit estate on the granite belt and doing very good things.

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