Suggestion for outside smokers seeking \'shelter\'

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Well, most of us are stuck outside to smoke and I usually used to do it on rainy days, as the winds were calmer (that is if the rain was at a right-angle to the lawn). However, this summer I've discovered that outside on a nice day, insects were really attracted to the smoke. Not so much a problem until you have a wasp flying at your face and around your smoke. Yeah I lost that stick, and I was hella pissed off.

Anyways, I decided enough was enough and looked into getting a screen room.

Most screen roomes are very large and a pain in the ass to setup and take down for one smoke. I discovered there were "pop-up screen rooms" or "pop-up bug-net rooms" available. As local stores did not sell these, there were a lot online. The best place to buy them was ebay. So after 2 months of searching and bidding I finally got one.

I tried it today, and (hopefully without jinxing it) I've finally found serenety outside. It doesn't sheild from wind, but it does "dampen" it a bit. Since I'm on my patio anywyas, I've got the shade and my house walls to protect me from most wind. I've not had any issues with flies or other pests that can ruin a good cigar on a great day upon erecting this pop up room and was very delighted.

This screen room literally takes under a minute to setup, and takedown. It's 6' x 6', so its large enough to enjoy for 2 people and a small table. You could put 3 people in there, with a very small table however I think it wouldn't be comfortable.

Most of you will not have an issue with this, however I'm assuming that I'm not alone out there. These are relatively inexpensive and IMO well worth it if you've been annoyed/attacked by anything attracted to your smoke.

So I just wanted to share with you my ideas for those without the luxury of shelter outdoors who would like something inexpensive.

Hope this helps someone!

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