Reflecting on my weekend cigars !!

Guest cohiba

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Guest cohiba

Well this being a long weekend for some of us, i have made a point to smoke a cigar each night from friday till 4th of July evening. Here is whati have done so far.

Friday......Cohiba Siglo VI 2004 and smoking exceptionally well loved every bit, just incredible.

Saturday....H. Upmann Mag 46 2004 great smoke as well

Sunday.....Cohiba Siglo II, this is a hell of a small cigar. Very complex and creamy for its size, completley satisfying.

Tonight.....not sure yet

Hope all of you are enjoying your long weekend, for those of you who do have to work, make time for yourself anyways !!!!!


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Slacker! ;-)

Only one! Man a long weekend/holiday requires more than one a day!

I don't even remember all the sticks I have had so far this weekend. However I have had a sick dog so my focus is on him.

No matter, one or many! Enjoy them all! :-)

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