Montecristo 2001 LE Dbl Coronas (long)

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The reason that I brought these Montecristo 2001 LE Dbl Coronas up in my initial posting, was that I had been offered a box from a retailer that I frequent, as a promotion. Now the first time that I bought these sticks was in Singapore some years back possibly 2002, and Then in Spain about a year later.

Now having tried these shortly thereafter my initial purchase, I decided that theywere nice but needed aging., so I left them in the box and forgot about them, I tried a few about a year later, and found each of the three to be plugged, and at that time I didn't know how to unplug a cigar so I was very disappointed. They looked nice in the humidor, and were an interesting conversation piece, but as I have 6 humidors full of cigars it was easy to let them age.

a few days ago, in the morning with a coffee, I sparked up one of the smokes, and found it to be flavorless, mild, creamy, yet lacking any flavor whatsoever. Now thats not to say that I hadn't had some that I remember with a better more sweet flavor, but Im just wondering what happened. I called the retailer and cancelled my order and instead got some monte especialles, instead. Im not sure if I made a mistake, but these didn't even seem to age well the wrapper is dull, not oily, and the flavor seems to have gone out of the cigar. Now I aged these next to some Cohiba dbl coronas and those have only gotten darker and more delicious, Im not sure what happened, and ask for any and all opinions on the matter.

Storage conditions include an Elie Bleu locking box, 75 avg humidity and 70 avg temp.

About Me,

Formerly the owner of a Management company representing a wide array of well known recording artists, Now in this Post MP3 era , I own a real estate holding and development company in NYC, and as of late am doing a bit of independent Television production, with my wife who is a Television Director / Producer for a major television company.

I usually smoke Trinidad Funadores and Colonials, Cohiba Siglo 3's, Monte 4's and 2's, Padron executives Maduro, Gigante Maduro, anniversario Maduro, and Davidoff #1's

I have 3 Elie Bleu Humidors, one custom designed by me, 2 zino acrylic boxes, and 1 Davidoff Rosewood #7 (my wife's...yes she likes monte #4's and Hemmingways)

I collect lighters and have recently completed a worldwide search (on the net) to find the Dunhill Unique Lacquer lighters from the 97 cigar boom. I was able to find a brand new Mini Manhattan in red/black, and a full size Chicago, in Tan with black striping, also brand new. I also have a Dupont with dark Blue lizard skin, and a brown crocodile safari dunhill sports, a silver unique lines, and a Hobnail .

I smoke 2-3 per week at home (NYC's laws are draconian) , and 7-10 per week when I travel. Other hobbies include the driving range, watch and Modern art collecting.

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That is a great intro :clap:

Two things stand out.

1. The cigar retailer in Singapore wasn't C***R A****R by chance?

2. Your Humidity should be 65RH-68RH . At 75 RH they will smoke exactly as you described. Can you run an experiment for me and take out a Monte DC LE and place it on the bench for 3 days (outside of the humidor). Dry it our slightly and smoke it again. Post your report ;-) If you purchased it from store referred to in point 1...nothing will save you :-|

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» Storage conditions include an Elie Bleu locking box, 75 avg humidity and

» 70 avg temp.

Your humidity is too high. I've noticed that at that high a humidity, cigars tend to lose their flavours. But then again if you're finding that your other cigars are smoking fine... then I've got no idea.

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» » Storage conditions include an Elie Bleu locking box, 75 avg humidity

» and

» » 70 avg temp.

I have to agree, the "AVG RH is way too high for Cuban cigars. Personally, I tend to keep all my humidors 63-65% rh. The temp at 70 is not an issue although I keep my aging cabinet closer to 60-65 degrees.

El Prez frequents Singapuro often, so he knows the retailers there. Con't help you there.

I'd be interested in reading the responce after you let a stick "dry" out.


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Thats interesting, I had no idea that the higher humidity Impacted the flavor. I usually am at about 72-75, so I will try and adjust the humidity and see. Most of my other cigars smoke fine, it was just the Monte Dbl Coronas that seemed to fade away, Ill have to try another and see.

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