1998 Quinta Do Vale D. Maria - Rio Torto - Douro - Portugal


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Refreshingly old world in style. Relatively stiff, slightly gritty tannins, but in balance

and nicely integrated. Vanilla without being overly oaky, with dark cherry the

predominant fruit component. My last bottle - not happy about that, but will enjoy

this last glass while it lasts........ hiccup

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Geneva, it can be found in stores - I bought it at a local. But, Portugal in general

is not well represented locally, for the most part. It probably won't be, as NV said,

very easy to find, but you never know.

Is it worth going out of your way for - perhaps not. But well worth trying if you

see it. I don't recall the price exactly, but I think it was around $18, give or take.

NV, I concur. A great, somewhat overlooked, wine. I don't think additional time

will hurt, but I'm not sure this one will gain any more?

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we don't see these in australia, or for that matter, much portuguese red at all and less and less of their great VP's.

by chance, i was in the duoro when these guys and quite a few other wineries run by the young guns of the region (also check out anything you can find from dirk van neipoort) released their 2003s. some seriously good wines and i think way above what most think the region capable. terrific stuff. and what a party. held at the amazing winery of quinta crasto - which has some of the most amazing views of any winery on the planet. dominic morris of pondalowie vineyards near bendigo has been working there for a decade. dinner tables set in the lagares and then great to find a place where post dinner cigars welcomed while we watched all these gorgeous women dancing.

this wine was made by christian van zeller who, with his sister teresa, owned and made quinta do noval VP's for many years. i might add, for the sake of completeness, that his offsider gave up a career as a supermodel to make wine and it would not have been for lack of work). lovely girl.

and yes, i tried uploading photos but it wouldn't work.

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