San Cristobal de Habana La Punta (Box Code KMM SEP 03)

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San Cristobal de Habana La Punta (Box Code KMM SEP 03)

Date Reviewed Sunday June 25th 2006

A beautiful torpedo, with a flawless wrapper and perfect roll. Very Dark wrapper, with minimal veins. I clip about ½ of the pointed cap, and took a test draw. A little looser than I like. The prelight taste is of rich tobacco, and a slight spice. I toast the foot, with a bic, and the cigar readily accept the flame, with an even start.

My initial impression is of cream and leather, with notes of cedar. The cigar starts out medium bodied, but full of flavor.

The first third of this cigar is very creamy with notes of leather, and cedar. After the first inch, the flavor of tea and citrus is added to the mix. Quite pleasant. My lips and tongue have started to tingle with spice. Toward the end of the first third the flavors of citrus, and white pepper get quite intense, and the body seams to be moving towards full.

The second third of this cigar seems to settle a bit, with the tingling of my lips and tongue reducing in intensity. The tea flavor has been replaced with coffee, and a light caramel taste. The burn of this cigar is razor sharp, and the black and grey ash stayed firm, not dropping until just before the band, and then with a little help.

The final third of this cigar, ramps up the spice again, and I begin to notice a touch of charcoal. After a quick purge, the charcoal disappears, and the creaminess regains its hold as the core flavor, but the whit pepper has come back quite intense. The finish on this cigar is rich and spicy, and continues long after I laid this stick to rest, with about 1’ remaining. A very nice 1 ¼ hour smoke.

Amazing complexity and great construction led me to rate this cigar a 4.6 on a scale of five. Almost three years of age has done wonders for this smoke. Though I will be putting the remainder down for a couple of more years, and try to acquire more, of this stock, before they are gone.

Dave (A.K.A. Homebrew)

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Very nice review Dave!

I was expecting to read about a core flavor that I have found in every cigar in this marca, that being the rich sweet molasses flavor. That of course along with the caramel and coffee notes too. Nicely done!

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I've got a couple of these with the same box code and date from the recent aged stock special. I'm especially eager to try the La Punta after really enjoying a newer La Fuerza recently. After your review, I'm even more impatient. With only two days in the humidor, my La Puntas still have a while to acclimate. Nice review.

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