Esplendido's.....WOW !!

Guest cohiba

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Guest cohiba

OK FOH members, this is my first review.

Cohiba Esplendido


A Czar hook up !!!

I have smoked a few from this box over the last 9 months, very disappointing !!! Just wasnt sure about this popular stick. Just a quik note, after receiving my Aristocrat cabinet and letting all my boxes acclimate to their new home, there has been a noticable difference in the flavor of ALL cigars !! Just a correct storage condition i guess. Well with this in mind i wanted to retry my Esplendido's, so glad i did !!!

They had a slight oil sheen, caramel color, and wonderful Cohiba smell. No prelight draw because i forgot to, LOL, just wanted to dive in.

This beauty took the flame very well. Right off the bat i got the Cohiba classic taste and great volume of smoke. Im very excited. The burn was perfect. The flavor balanced out better after the first inch or so. Then BAM the creaminess i was looking for slapped me in the face. The flavor maintained a steady medium, the strengh was a step higher than i expected, perfect. This cohiba flavor and creaminess mantianed very consistant down to the nub. Very little after taste. The smoke volume picked up naturally towards the end. This was a tremendous experience for me. Total smoke time 1 1/2 hrs, combined with wonderful conversation with my wife, and many, many Carmel Pale Ale's !!!!! This was a great evening that will be hard to beat.

I feal with more time and patience this is going to be even better.

Thanks Prez for a great box !!!


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I have a box of May 05 that are OK but not the bomb. They probably need more time. I bought a box of 00 off the aged stock list and waiting for them to get over the travel sickness. I am taking the family to the Bahamas for a week and I am taking some of both with me, I will report when I get back.

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