2001 Vigeros Especiales #1 38 X 7 1/2 LONG Panatela

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2001 Vigeros Especiales #1 38 X 7 1/2 LONG Panatela

A nice looking reddish cigar with a funny little pigtail (stored at 64% humidity). It sat there in my ash tray, just as innocent and simple and naive as you please - an absolutely terrible cigar. Not terrible because it's so bad, but because it looms evil-filled as a cigar offering the sublime smoking experience but delivering absolutely nothing.

Upon lighting the draw was tight making it necessary for me to massage the knots a bit before the draw became tolerable.

There was some twang and slight Cuban tobacco flavor for the first quarter inch but the flavor quickly became papery and bland. After an inch and a half the flavor of dusty, dry earth entered the profile making it taste like a cheap, relit cigarette at best. This continued until I extinguished it at the half way point.

The Vigeros Especiales #1 ranks as one of the least interesting cigars I have ever smoked. A true bore.

Now I realize there are those of you who actually enjoy this Vitola, so please note this is my personal opinion.

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» Gee....and to think CA just raved about this cigar. I don't get it?:no:

I've blown through a box of '98 Esp #1s and found them to be fantastic smokes. They are very very sensitive to temp/humidity/storage, and perhaps age although I ahve less experience with that.

I found them to have a nice herbaceous sweetness, then a tinge of muskiness, with an underlying core of toasted tobacco. Yes they are closer to Dominican in style, and many don't like their lack of power or richness. But I like them for their sheer elegance, and for the rustc type of flavour that they carry.

If you have the chance to try the Robustos from the signed Humidor, perhaps you will find them more flavourful while keeping the same style. They are a different breed of Cuban cigar, and perhaps should be rated with different values in mind.

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i've recently tried both the #1 and #2. while they are very mild i liked them both alot. my only complaint is i don't believe i'd ever want to spend the $$ on a whole box. they're priced too high for me. if they were around $125 a box or less i'd keep in the humidor at all times.


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