VR Unicos (LLN OCT04)

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I'm going to try my hand at a reveiw here, it's been a while.

I was looking to smoke something I hadn't had in a couple months and deep in the bowels of the coolerdor I spotted this gem, it is 1 of 2 that I bought from El Prez and actually it is only the 2nd Unico's I've had.

Construction: The wrapper was a little bit rougher than the other 5'er I have in the cooler and it was a deep brown with a slightly reddish hue. Hefty in the hand and perfectly rolled I knew this one was not underfilled.

Pre-light draw: I thought there would be a problem because the draw was slightly tighter than I like, I had to work at it a little bit. I could taste rich tobacco that left a little zip on my tongue and lips.

First 3rd: This baby took to the flame very well and the first 3rd brought about notes of spice, cinnamon, toasty tobacco, and woodiness. This is were I started to notice on the finish a butteriness that I had never experienced before, it tasted like my mouth was coated in a rich butter kind of weird but the only way to describe it.

Second 3rd: More of the same as the first 3rd with the awesome finish except here I started to notice a sweetness and something along the lines of bitter bakers chocolate. The draw also opened up here to giving way to more of the spiciness.

Last 3rd: Finished up here with more pronounced spiciness and rich tobacco and leather. I had to take the band off as I was nubbing this one. It was sad to put this baby down and even sadder to realize I only have one more left.

This was a wonderful smoking experience and again I am deeply saddened that I only have one more left. Even with only a slight bit of age the flavours were light years above my first experience with an Unico's that was very young. I had an "Uh Oh" moment as I knew once this baby was lit a box is definitely in the future. I've been smoking the hell out of a box of BBF's that are my favorite and this one was right there neck and neck and I knew if I had a box these would also be right in the starting rotation. As far as pyramids go this one is in my top 2 for sure. Now off to go find a box.

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Hmm.... I have a box of the same code. Got it when it was fresh & haven't touched it. Still smoking the last of my 01s. I've found Unicos to be harsh when not well aged, but your review just might inspire me to test out that 04 box.

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Nothing wrong with that Review!

Unicos, Monte 2, Upmann 2, Diplomatico 2.....what a stong line-up.

There is alot to be said aboud the quality of 04/05 stock when it comes to flavour.

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By coincidence I had a Unicos last night, gifted from Tampa Chuck, but it was an 06. He knows that I love the Famosos, and I have some older ones. To me the Unicos had a strong and consistent dark, bittersweet chocolate taste throughout. I didn't get the evolution of flavors that you described, either due to my inexperienced palate or the youth of the Unicos I tried.

The VR are a special treat.

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