Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.1


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Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.1


Size: Corona Gorda

Length: 143mm – 5 5/8 inch

Ring: 46

I recently received this as a gift from Beatee. He snuck one into a care package without letting me know. It came from a Cabinet that he told me that they were either off the hook, or awful, not much in-between. Well this one must have been a good one because it got my attention. Thanks again Tom, I loved the cigar, and the credit cards hate you, this one will find its way into the regular rotation.

I sat back to watch 24, had the sliding glass door open and the room was around 70. It was nice and comfortable sitting there in my new place in my favorite leather chair, I kicked the feet up and a perfect evening to relax and enjoy a smoke. Clipped the cap and examined the wrapper, which was a med Colorado and showed no signs of blemish or flaw. The initial draw was mild nutty tobacco taste. I decided to use a wooden match to fire the foot and relished in the art of simplifying the ritual we all conduct. From the first puff, I had mouthful after mouthful of rich creamy smoke that was velvety on my palate. I wish I knew the age, as it tasted IMHO somewhere around 3 years old. There were no youthful signs while smoking the Habanos. It was complex, changing the subtle direction several times while smoking the Corona Gorda. It was woody, creamy, almost buttery, nutty, herbal, a tad sweet, and somewhat fruity. While the cigar would not be considered a powerhouse, it was more medium in body. I kept saying that it reminded me of the same feelings I have for the H Upmann Mag 46; subtle flavor changes, and richness at the same time.

Hoyo de Monterrey as a marca has generally left me wanting for Habanos with more complex flavors, strength and smoke volume before now. This may have been the first Epicure No.1 that I have smoked, but certainly not the last. Simply put, this Epicure No.1 was fantastic and now gives the Mag 46 a run for its place in the rotation of Corona Gordas.


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