Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 1

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Juan Lopez Seleccion No 1

HKV May03

Last night I sat down for my nightly cigar and a few drinks. It was a beautiful 70 degrees and still sunny due to the time change. I opened my humi and finally, after some contemplating, grabbed the JL.

The cabinet has some of the prettiest cigars in it. Every one is perfectly rolled, oily and light brown. Picked one out and headed to the porch.

I had a big tall glass of Ron Pampero Anniversario Rum waiting.

The cigar was flawless in appearance, smelled of dank gingerbread and cedar. The prelight taste was phenominal. Spicy and woody. Clipped the sucker and lit it with ease. The first puff was just a hint of how great this cigar was going to be. The JL had the woodines that is associated with this brand, but also had this in your face sweet/spicy gingerbread quality. The cigar teased me throughout, going from woody to spice cake and gingerbread. The smoke had an intoxicating smell of well rested tobacco and wood. Exhaling through my nose was effortless...no burning and very much enhanced the enjoyment of the Seleccion No 1.

I smoked this damn thing SLOW. An hour and 45 min. of cigar heaven - and the dark semi-sweet Ron P paired flawlessly, as always. I almost dont drink anything else with a cigar. 99% of the time its rum.

The last 3 years have really turned this cigar into a "Class A" cigar. I have about 12 left and will be looking for some more soon. Anyone that hasn't given the JL line a chance, do so - as I think youd be pleasantly surprised..and if your not, you can send 'em to me.:-D

I would give the Juan Lopez a 93 - I would rate it a bit higher, but I want to see how it progresses with the next few years. I am confident that it will do nothing but improve with some humi time and is destined to become a classic.

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I have smoked 3 now from my 3rd cab of these. The 1st two cabs were phenominal. Dark, oily, full flavored, and spicey on the end. My most recent cab now is just plain. Almost taste like DOminicans. SO I put them on the bottom of the boxes to forget about for a while. Hopefully they will come into something great.

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All this talk prompted me to put in order in for some of these yesterday. I am excited to try them. When I put the order in to Lisa and mentioned I was trying to find something suitable for a wedding, she also recommended the JL2, and said current stock was great. Of course...I had to sample some of those as well.:-D

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