Got back from Varadero last week


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I got back from Varadero last week and must say the cigar stock situation has improved since last year. I did all my shopping at Plaza and picked up some boxes at the airport. The airports is a significant improvement over the same time last year as they had nothing except for Cohibas and Trinidads. Everything in the photo was purchased at Plaza except for the Diplomaticos, Epicure #3 and the Magestics which were purchased at the airport.

The food situation in Cuba has gotten worst since last year. We stayed at Iberostar Selection Varadero and this was our third stay at this resort.  First stay was in 2018 and this was probably one of the best in Cuba food wise and resort wise and in general. Last year was worst than 2018, but still pretty good. This year was worst than last year, but still pretty good comparing to other resorts based on what I have head. The alcohol situation has improved significantly since last year. No shortages there. In general the resort is kept in excellent condition. I know most people say you don't go to Cuban resorts for food, however at a price tag of $2000 CAD per person for a week there are some expectations. At this price point you can go to a nice resort in Dominican Republic, which in general is better food wise.


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