Thoughts on Romeo y Julieta Petit Julieta?


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I have not had the Petit Julietas before, but have been especially enjoying a number of my smaller cigars lately (LGC #4, RG Perlas, Monte Joyitas, RyJ Belvederes) and was wondering what others' opinions on the Petit Julietas are. Both for enjoying soon and for putting down for some age. Thank you in advance!

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Not exactly a cheap & cheerful. Has never been, but holding particularly now after the price hikes. The most expensive of the three remaining Entreactos (ERDM, Hoyo, RyJ), and - as you may gather from the vast amount of replies so far - not a highly popular cigar....

Make no mistake, this is a very small cigar. I actually do like it a lot, and always use(d) to have a couple of boxes at hand. But at currently over 6 EUR (my neck of the woods), they are priced out of any decency now (and no comparison to the Monte Joyitas, which is also pricy but playing on another level). Most of those other cigars you mention provide a way better value, if you ask me (RG Perlas, RyJ Belvederes or Mille Fleurs, and in particular the MdO4! - while mostly larger, i.e. longer smoking time). TBH, and though it may sound like heresy, for a similar time slot like the Petit Julieta (30 x 100) I find myself reaching more and more for the ICT RyJ Puritos (29 x 106). Sure, not the same cigar but a very decent value at a fraction of the price of the handmade longfiller PJ.

If looking for RyJ in particular you may also consider the Regalías de Londres. A true C&C, they would be hit and miss at times, but current production seems back to good quality right now (prefer them over the Sports Largos, plus tends to age nicely). Also for you to consider perhaps the shortfiller Rafael González PE.

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