Habanos pricing 1956 to today.

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Interesting little exercise :D

I came across this Spanish price list from 1956 







So Partagas Presidentes were 387.50 Pesetas per box (taxed). 

Using Measingworth.com, 

In 2020, the relative price worth of 381.00 Pts. from 1956 is:

125.38 Euros using the Consumer Price Index

Fun site. Have a play. 


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Based on my calculations that rate is low. The ESP has experienced about 6000% inflation since 1955. The rate has been stuck at 166.38 ESP to 1 EUR for many years as it is an obsolete currency. I would add at least 25-40% to that number to cover the last 10 year's inflation and the last 18 mos inflation not calculated by measuringworth.  More likely the price of the Presidentes would be around 200 € which makes sense as there was still vigorous competition in CCs at the time. 

The measuringworth site also acknowledges there is a range of value where 125 € would be the low end taking into account many other complex factors. The high end for their estimate is 528 € (2020). 

Surprised to see no Lusitanias on the list. 

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