OS Nudies Shipping Update

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Sorry guys. 

There has been a small hiccup in the OS nudies shipments as we needed to register for an EIN (corporation). It was my oversight. We haven't shipped out of the US before and it didn't cross my mind. 

We anticipate all OS  parcels out shortly (2-10 days). . However, I am happy to refund if that doesn't work for you.  We are hamstrung awaiting the EIN and hence I am a little gun shy locking in a ridgy didge timeline. 

I appreciate your patience but if this peeves you, don't think twice about asking for a refund. 

The good news is that they are all packed and ageing nicely. :D

It won't be too much longer. 



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We will start getting those Overseas tracking numbers for Nudies out to you later today. 

If anyone in the US hasn't had their package land, shoot through your order number and I will PM you the tracking number. 

Cheers! :thumbsup:

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