Alleged pre embargo CC, unlikely genuine but tubo may be legit? be


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A friend of mine pulled this out of his humidor and said he got it from a wealthy furniture store owner in Florida who was "well connected". Said it was pre embargo. 

Cubancigarwebsite seems to show only two tubos that would have been available in the partagas line, both of which were machine made. I didn't see any other possibilities.


I don't think this cigar has the right dimensions and I'm not sure if it is machine made. And ...he said he was "well connected" so, it's gotta be real!?!  The glass tubo does look to be possibly legitimate. The boys down at the lab are running cuban glass tests as we speak. Either way, any insights are appreciated. 







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If it is a Partagas Cristal Tubos (44 x 145) it's fairly rare. It was machine made and were made well into the 1970s so without the box it's impossible to tell whether it's pre-Rev or not. 

A handful of complete boxes of 10 have appeared at auction in the last 6 years selling for between $2,000-4,000 all no older than the 1970s. I would imagine an individual cigar in very good condition could bring $100-200. Your tube appears to be missing the band however. 

Judging from the unusually high prices these seem to be attaining at auction it seems they have some kind of story. They don't strike me as a cigar that would have been particularly desirable so I'd love to know more about why Partagas Cristal Tubos are so valuable. 

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