Blackbird Jackdaw Corona (D&CRW)

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On travel in Norfolk, me and some of my coworkers decided to walk downtown and came across a cigar lounge. Thought we would pop in and see if they had any cigars worth trying. 

Enter Blackbird cigars, a newer boutique brand I have been hearing rumblings about - so I decide to put up with the markup on the cigars and buy a couple. 

First to light up was the Jackdaw - a 6” x 44 corona - ‘Connecticut’.  Mind you that my expectations for Connecticuts has been set by Steve Saka and the Sobremesa Brûlée. 

v cut, fine construction and draw… and the flavors are underwhelming.  Grassy notes, tobacco, and woods.  As the cigar progresses - it starts to get a bitterness that had me leave 2.5” left when stopping my smoke. 

I don’t have an adept palate but I know what’s enjoyable to me - and this was not it. Not that it was bad, it just was not great. I was pairing it with a cheap brandy my co worker had poured for me - and I preferred the bite of the cheap brandy. 

I then pull out the next cigar I picked up- the review can be seen here.




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