Looking for advice on a walk in humidifier


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So I am just not happy with my current setup and it’s time to upgrade with a new unit.


currently have a Staebell humidifier, a Dyson air filter with humidifier module, and an AC set to 60 degrees in a 3x2 meter walk in. Winters are fine as my target is 60-62 RH but summers get damp as I live by the sea, and it’s common for humidity in the walk in to get up to 70.


so I can either get a unit that absorbed and releases humidity, or two dedicated units, one to add humidity and one to remove excess.


please let me know what your recommendations are with thanks 🙏 

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You only seem to have an excess of humidity during the summer, so not sure why you would want another humidifier. Try shutting off the humidifier during summer, before you go adding more equipment.


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