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i have a question? i was a a LCDH last week not in Cuba, i picked up two custom rolled cigars rolled in that store. when i got home i smoked one and it was just like one rolled by la china in Havana maybe better. i e mailed the LCDH where it was bought and told him how much i enjoyed the custom rolled i got. i also said if i didnt know any better i would say that was cuban tabacco . He wrote me back and said it is cuban tabacco , its all we use at our shop for customs.

Is this possible ?  i did not think cuba lets tabacco leaves out of the country to be rolled into customs.

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Tabacuba provides raw leaf to LCDHs worldwide and provides the rollers. It's the only raw leaf that leaves the island and is always under the control of Tabacuba. 

In my opinion, all leaf used for customs is all about the same grade, although I don't know about Monsdales. All the off-island customs I've had taste like the on-island ones, including ones rolled by La China.

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