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Do the members feel that the flavour profile of RASS changes significantly over time ? I have a PSP cab of 50 from 2014 from our hosts which I am now starting. Very dark oily wrappers, wonderful smell and taste but they have replaced the vibrant fruits/raisins I get in younger RASS with more coffee flavours. They are delicious but lack that fruit”zing”, is this normal for the aged RASS? 

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 I've a similar box I'm sitting on but haven't cracked yet so don't have a strong point of reference for aged RASS. Certainly in the old 898 the Christmas cake flavours seemed strong nearing the two decade mark, but I've always found the RASS less concentrated than those. 

  I usually find the coffee nature, across the board, tends to fade with age, even with Monte's, and fruitiness comes to the fore when it's present the more time goes by. 

  Not sure I've helped here! 

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I have 50 ct from 2015 with really oily wrappers I recently opened and I find them considerably different from my just finished 13 RASS box with very light wrappers.  For my tastes the boxes I have with oily wrappers just need a lot more time than expected.   

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