Ramon Allones Specially Selected/Rum and Juggalo MSU SEP 18 (CCRW)

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I was going to just have a Rum and coke but then I decided to change it to something interesting.  So I made up a interesting variant which I call a Rum and Juggalo which is Rum (I used Captain Morgan) and Faygo Rock & Rye (a creme soda with cherry and vanilla flavors).   Faygo is a small regional soda company from Detroit Michigan.  A band called Insane Clown Posse is famous for showering its fan affectionately known as Juggalos with Faygo soda.  It was hot today so I waited until about sunset to enjoy a cigar.


Cold Draw is very light tobacco with vanilla and fruit.  It is a little tight as draws go but not worrisome.



The First Third was very light for a Rass.   I got a slight toasted tobacco and vegetable.  I had to touch it up at the very beginning because there seemed to be a bit of wrapper that didn't want to burn.  There was not a ton a of smoke on the exhale.



The Second Third really picked up.   I got several flavors raisin, white pepper, fruit, and a touch of dark chocolate.  It started to draw much better and there a super slight undertone of sweetness.  Also the amount of smoke picked up a little bit.


Final Third picked up even a little bit more in the strength category.   I still got raisin, black pepper, leather, and the slight bit of sweetness is still there.  This cigar burned very well and very even.   The draw was a bit on the tight side but not enough to effect the experience.  It was starting to get closer to darkness.   As I was getting down the last bit of the cigar the lightning bugs were really putting on a show.   The last 3 years they have really gotten thick around here.   I need to do more weekend reviews because it forces you to focus even more on the experience of smoking a cigar.  Smoking a cigar on my back deck is always a relaxing experience.  But I will say trying to focus on the flavors of the cigar and how it burns keeps you more in the experience.  I can see why these are popular they seem to have a lot subtle flavors packed into them.


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