Montecristo 80th/Cold Brew Coffee DEC 17 (CCRW)

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Skipping ahead a little, I give this cigar a rating of 95 or 20.  Little preview of the most bizarre cigar I've ever had.

I don't care for alcohol.  So for my drink, I went with a cold brewed coffee.  

Sumatra Coffee

10oz. Grinded up.

8 cups of cold water

Mixed the 2 every 2 hours (except overnight) for a period of 24 hours stored in the fridge.

Drained to make coffee crack concentrate.  Watching that silky stuff filter out is beautiful.

A touch of stevia then mixed it to 2 parts milk.  Coffee perfection and the only thing I drink with cigars.  Perfect on a warm day.  And a perfect pairing.

The cigar, generously given to me by member  SAMYSAM

(Can't upload pictures, getting a -200 error, whatever that is)

Montecristo 80th Dec/2017

This cigar could not be cut up into thirds for review.  I've been smoking cigars for 26 years and I've never had a cigar perform like this.  Cuban or non.

Starts out, no flavor.  10 minutes of hot air.
10 minutes in, cotton candy flavor starts to build.  Blue cotton candy is what my brain is telling me for some reason.  But light.  Coffee is also there, an odd combo, but it works.
After 2 minutes, back to zero flavor
15 minutes of hot air
Then bam, flavors come back, this time more malty chocolate and coffee.  Very full flavored.
The flavor died down, but remained with light chocolate, coffee and now woodsy.  Cotton candy would pop up every once in awhile.  Peppery as well, burning my nose a little on the retrohale
After 10 minutes, back to zero flavor.  Hot air.
5 minutes of that until all of a sudden another blast of strong malted chocolate with nuts.  What the %$#$ is going on here.  I almost feel like some trapped cuban worker is sending me an SOS message via Morse code thru the flavor.  Should have taken better notes, so as to translate the message fully!
It was a good 3 or 4 puffs, then back to hot air.
It really is getting to the point where I have a few puffs of hot air, then a few puffs of strong hit of malted chocolate, nuts.  Pepper and woodsy is gone.

This back and forth lasted just past the first half.  A mix of amazing flavor and then hot air.  I've never smoked a cigar where the flavor was full flavored than no flavor in between puffs.

But then the 40% kicked in.  Warm chocolate mousse with almonds.  The mousse left a very chewy texture that made the cigar an utter joy.  It made up for the first half where I felt like yelling at the cigar every time the flavor decided to end.

I nubbed it way further than normal as I needed to make up for the first part.  Stayed cooled even though my fingers were burning.

At points this cigar was a 95 other times a 20 (at best).  It ended with a 95 and my lasting impressions will be high for the cigar. I've had the best cigar and the worst cigar in the same box of cigars.  Now I have had the best cigar and the worst cigar in a single cigar!

Thanks Sam for the cigar and I am sorry to the poor cigar roller.  I failed to decipher you Morse code.  I hope all works out for you.  Send me another one and I'll do my best to remember my military training.




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