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  1. You are all aware that there is a thread "Lets talk about watches" right? Why anyone would buy a watch when your phone tells you the time is beyond me. Clearly not a fan here of man jewelry!
  2. I have numerous boxes of these and have noticed that the 2020 and 2021 boxes won't close fully. It is like they are jam packing these of late.
  3. Creamy, Woody, Cinnamon, but the flavor that for me that stands out the most, brown sugar. I never hear anyone mention that, so it is unique to me. Wonderful 1:15 smoke. Keep many cabs on hand. Ranking, for me from best to worst: Famosos Bolivar RC HDM Epicure#2 Juan Lopez #2 RASS RyJ Exh4 PSD4 CORO left off the list for personal reasons. ERDM CX is a newer cigar, for me and haven't had many. Working on that.
  4. I just inherited a recumbent bike. It is such a low profie though. Feel like I'm going to get hit by a car.
  5. #1 Punch DC #2 Hoyo DC #3 Luthy (never had enough RAG to be able to rank) I love all 3 and stock all 3. 2 hours 15 minutes'ish. I recently went thru 2 boxes of 2016, and they were amazing. Dec/2016. Have a cab of 2017's before I get to my newer cabs. The 2016's had a lot of marshmallow flavor to them. Sort of a toasted marshmallow thing. I do not care for Partagas, it is my one of my few "I don't get cigars" but Luthy is the exception. <--My picture here has the 2 boxes of 2016 Luthy I got in Cuba. Plus 2 boxes of Hoyo DC and a Cab of Punch DC. Great first trip to Cuba back in 2017. 17 boxes in all. Had to take a picture of me holding my first haul
  6. No, Cuban's don't "blow them out of the water". There are plenty of very fine non-cubans. IMHO, you could be an elitist if you think Cubans are worlds better than non-cubans. I prefer Cubans, hence being here, but I have plenty of non-cubans in my collection. As for random rumors. Ever consider that people bash what they like so as to drive down the demand? I love seeing Cuban bashing. Tired of these shortages! More for me
  7. Cuba is more considered about being "cool" vs bringing in cash. Can't argue with that!🙄
  8. Huh? They could triple their production and still sell out. What business loss are you talking about? Your, or my, opinion about size means nothing. I'm a churchill man myself. They make what the customers want and demand. And today's customers want fatter cigars. You can not like it, but saying they are losing business is flat our wrong!
  9. No clue for sure. But they were also widely available (HUPC) prior to cancellation. As soon as they were canceled, everyone was snatching them up. Given how many cigars H.Upmann has, I'm sure they did that in part to consolidate the line. Unlike the non-plus, the HUPC was a wonderful cigar. Count me in the group that is sad to see it go.
  10. You have to think prior to the current situation. Back when things weren't constantly in short supply. Why would any business make a product, like a non-plus, where few bought them? It's not like they are letting the tobacco rot. Instead, they use the tobacco on popular cigars that actual would sell! Basic business 101. Cutting this cigar is one of the few times Cuba did something right! The non-plus never held a candle to its FAR superior belicoso. Plus there are plenty of petit corona options still available. I'm pretty sure cutting non-plus only improved the view of the quality of cuban cigars! Cutting SLR DC, Bolivar CG among many others of course didn't help.
  11. In theory, they cut cigars based on sales figures. This was never a popular cigar. I always found this cigar to be of poor quality. Though I'm glad you enjoyed yours. Until it was discontinued, you would find these in ample supplies. Once it was cut, everyone went on a buying spree. In November of 2019 I was in Havana and I found boxes dating back to 2016 while most cigars were 2019. Given how poorly they sold, I was surprised they weren't discontinued years and years earlier. Nonetheless, great review!
  12. Totally understood. Told the family that it would be worth their time to take pictures and sell them. Also in my instructions is my bondroberts login & password! Any help you give to our families would SO appreciated. Without bondroberts though, there wouldn't be much of an option for them. So keep that great site going for a long long time! I only wish I could see their faces when the realize how much money all those cigars are worth. Glad I won't be around to be yelled at. You spent how much on these!?! They probably think that it is all worth 1k. They will be in for a shock of their life.
  13. I left El Presidente's email in my humidor. "In case of death, contact Rob" The commission at bondroberts is enough to cover your time I've calculated the value of my collection and I shudder at how much money I have in a pile of dead leaves.

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