RYJ Churchill 2018 Single with Canadian Dark Batch Rye Coffee CCRW

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7/13/19 18:06 RYJ Churchill Single out of Store 2018?

Construction: excellent. Initial burn slight wavy. Draw also excellent. Right out of humidor at 66% RH.


Canadian Dark Batch Rye Coffee

Your favorite espresso grind slow poured into your favorite beer glass. 2 jigger heavy cream. 2 jigger Alberta Dark batch rye. Water needs to be hot for the pour since the glass, cream, and Whiskey will cool it off quickly. If I had time I would definitely whip the cream and float it on top...


1/3: opens up with cream and leather notes, touch of vanilla comes soon after light. Smoke is thick and Coates pallet. I’m getting coffee notes as well but this drink is definitely affecting my perception here. So far the combination is excellent. The rye in the drink lends more bite on top of the cream and there is no added sweetness on the tongue which is not typical of Irish coffee. A definite sweetness is present on the creamy smoke. Retro Hale is pleasant with no spice or pepper at all. Ash is firm and I forcefully tip at over an inch. The finish at this point is beautiful thing. This pairing is spot on, although quite spontaneous with what is on hand. I am smoking slowly and really enjoying it. By end of third we have a perfect burn line. Mild - Medium start.

2/3: getting a bit of twang into the profile now with elevated flavors and some toasted tobacco on the fringe. Wonderful. Draw is perfect at the Half Time. Medium Body

3/3: Flavors are intensifying into this third which I like. The smoke is now competing more with that edge on the dark batch Rye. It’s creating a little roasted nutty flavor on the finish now. A touch of spice showing up on finish now. All good. The profile gets a bit hot at the first band as this young marca needs some aging. Nevertheless a solid 91. The RYJ Churchill has come a long ways since my last box in early 2000s from Toronto, which was forgettable. Cheers





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