Custom Robusto & Fireball Latte (CCRW)

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This cigar is a Cuban tobacco custom roll that I bought at the shop in Cozumel last year for $15. Feels well constructed. I give it the dunk in bottled water. The prelight draw after toasting and v-cut is rather loose.

The drink is a Fireball Latte. I picked up the coffee from Starbucks since we are out of town.


Recipe at home:

3 ristretto shots espresso

8 oz of steamed whole milk

4 pumps caramel sauce

2 shots Fireball cinnamon whisky

Cinnamon on top


The cigar is rather harsh on the light and first part. Very harsh on the retrohale. Just really ashtray and burnt leather/meat. The coffee is the usual burnt Starbucks tone. It’s creamy and tastes pretty good with the caramel and cinnamon. Like an overdone Cinnabon.


A wind tunnel so far to the half, harshness backs down but the ash falls at will. Still the same elements of leather and meat (liver?) Seems too strong for my tastes.


Requires a relight after the half. Nothing much to speak of in advancement thus far. Mostly getting leather and some burn on the lips. Retrohale is still too harsh for my liking.8A3DFA8B-9196-4D61-A076-DC28F065F767.thumb.jpeg.5360c6faa2bb7db91c2ed831f784e192.jpeg

Overall, I’d say it was not the best option for a morning smoke. It was definitely too much $ but that is to be expected in Mexico. Everything is double island prices in the supermercados that have a humidor. Even more so at the LCDH. The pairing was way off; maybe a Bloody Mary or Michelada for this cigar.

I would not go again on this ride. ??

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