Cohiba Medio siglo UTL OCT 2018 (CRW)

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There was lots of hype and angst on this particular cigar not too long ago on this forum. I hadn’t yet sampled one, i was just resting them for the right opportunity. This weekend seemed like the right time and boy was I surprised...


Off the bat a star ! I mean smooth medium flavor powerhouse. Honey, hay, coffee and smooth as can be. Smoke viscous and burn spot on !



As I smoked it flavor did not really transcend just kept on trucking ! Stayed consistent and ash honestly only fell off b/c wind is strong here today otherwise I almost think I could have smoked the whole thing with one ash.

Of course now I can’t load the one pic I wanted ! Damn !!

Nub city I would say IMHO better than the CORO and a solid 93. Only a few draws of ammonia late in the show my guess is b/c of its youth but other than this an absolute pleasure to smoke and honestly maybe the best cohiba as of yet for me. Still resting some VI’s but better than the CORO, III, and IV to me and only me.








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Fantastic review and pictures. Sounds like you've found your jam there on this one. I hope that you got a full box as it seems like your on a winner

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