Cohiba Secretos Maduro 5 2018? (CRW)

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Cohiba Secretos Maduro 5 2018? (CRW). A single out of sampler from store.

Pre-light wrapper Aroma: sweet grassy slight barnyard

 Construction : Excellent with perfect draw and VG burn started wavy and corrected. Thick smoke covered the palate.

1/3: On ignition there was a wonderful sweetness along with some grassy hay that made this promising but this example was most likely too young and not ready for prime time.  These initial flavors with some coffee and slight nuts were dominated shortly by harsh burnt tobacco notes.

2/3: This third was disappointing as I slowed the draw clock down to find some redeeming flavors to focus on. It just became harsher.

3/3: N/A... Dreaming of a Partagas Short or Principe at 1/3 the price

Every other Minuto in the Humidor even young would better this example. Not even close. The finish was not good. I think 2-3 years before touching this marca suggested.

The label was best part. Overall an 82 and where is the mouth wash?





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