Cohiba Siglo I Tubo Unknown (CRW)

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Scored a 3 pack from 24:24 during the last Tubo mix and match sale. Unfortunately I didn’t record the dates (not sure if there were any honestly) as I preferred to keep the Tubo singles in my humi.


I haven’t rested these at all. Went ahead and smoked them all and this is my last one.


Honeycomb milkshake and some hay like characteristics.

Burned a little faster than I would prefer but a great cigar nonetheless. Aging wouldn’t hurt and I think they would benefit from it but again it was a great mini cigar smoking experience if you would like a 30 minute encounter with a Cohiba.


This is a 40 x 4” cigar, which makes it a little less thicker and a whole inch shorter than it’s bigger brother the Siglo II which is a Petit Corona. The vitola I believe is called a Perla which the Monte 5 and RG Perla are also. In case you’ve tried the popular Monte or the lesser known RG and haven’t had this particular Siglo, I would say to definitely give these a try.


The Siglo I Tubo is a great cigar to gift to a friend who doesn’t really smoke cigars since it’s a quick trip into good quality Habanos territory.


The what did you expect from this kind of cigar score: 95/100

The score as compared to all cigars ever smoked: 88/100








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