Cohiba Siglo V UBM NOV 18 (CRW)

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Cohiba Siglo V UBM NOV 18 (CRW)

43x 6 3/4 Lonsdale

Bought this box a few months ago from another source and has been resting since then.




Cedar spice on the light, almost harsh through the nose lacking smoothness. It mellowed out and got a burst of coffee with some smoothness, and a muddled twang. I had to slow down to enjoy this cigar, not that I rush my cigars, but this cigar required a slow and meticulous draw to enjoy its taste. Not a problem for me, I continued to sip the cigar and I hit gold. Notable flavors where roasted brown sugar, honey, and earth on a zesty cedary tropical twang.



The cigar delivered nutty and grassy flavors, along with earthy minerals and tropical toasted tobacco twang. As I smoked through I got toasted tobacco, burnt brown sugar and zesty tropical oaky twang. Notable flavors where of coffee and zesty orange, grass and tropical zesty twang with a cedar spice off the foot.



Last third was zesty tropical twang, with roasted tobacco and nutty earth, aromatic cedar and roasted coffee.

My rating for this cigar: 87.5

Construction 5/5

Flavor 5/5

Strength 5/5

Age 2.5/5

This cigar had a rich, zesty and complex tropical taste to it. Good for a slow and relaxing smoke. Notable flavors where the zesty tropical twang, complex notes of earth, grass, and cedar.


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