Partagas Super Partagas GOS JUN 17 (SRW)

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Cigar : Partagas Super Partagas (5-1/2 x 40)

Specs : GOS JUN 17 (2yr 1mo), 7 months humidor rest, 65% RH, single torch butane lighter, smoking outside on the deck, 63 degrees F here in the Pacific Northwest, dry boxed for 3 days. 

Disclaimer : I am a cigar noob!  Last time I smoked one of these was when my dog died back in December.  I smoked one of these when I buried him.  Nothing special about the smoke to warrant that occasion, just what I had on hand at the moment.

Initial notes : I smoked this in the dark on my porch after putting my newborn son to sleep.  Lighting in the dark, I realize how far away I can light this cigar and now wonder if I've been holding the torch too close this entire time.  I'm finding lately that these smaller RG sticks pack a serious dose of concentrated flavor.  Initial puffs are quite dry and spicy.  Spice settles a bit after half an inch or so.  Burn is razor sharp and smoke output is bountiful. Draw is perfect.  I think I've smoked these too wet in the past because this one is going by pretty quick.  Need to also slow my roll a bit on the draw -- this isn't a 50RG like I'm generally used to.  Getting a nice tingliness on the tongue.  Strong wood flavors throughout getting a tiny bit sweeter towards the end of the first third.  Dryness on tongue and back of throat persist.

Final notes : After slowing not only puff frequency but also intensity, some of that dryness went away and a little more sweet wood emerged with finally some light sweet leather towards the last third.  The stick was fairly one dimensional but not necessarily in a bad way.  I think I would have loved this more if I had been in the mood for something this concentrated.  I think I may have also smoked this one a bit too hard and fast to really give it a fair shake.  I realize now that I was probably more in the mood for a minuto tonight.  I'm still working my way around general marca flavor profiles, then throw in vitola variations and I've still got a lot to learn!

Smoke time : 45 minutes

Score : This is a tough one.  I appreciated how much of a flavor bomb this was.  I'm not all that experienced with Partagas in general, but this did not seem quite as smooth or balanced as say a Partagas Short.  I can't help but imagine another year or two and some of these flavors might round out a bit more.  Perhaps if I had paired this with a beverage some of that dryness would not have been so overpowering.  7.5/10 for score on this one.


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Nice review. Cigars are so personal - the cigar itself is only one piece of the experience. Your memories, setting, how you light, draw, cut, etc. play such an integral role in the final verdict and your review highlights that perfectly. 

Best of luck with the newborn!

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