Rafael Gonzalez Panetelas Extra AUM MAY 15 (SRW)

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Here's a cheap and cheerful skinny!


Perfect draw after a snip with the straight cutter. Toasted the foot with a torch lighter.


1st Third- The cigar starts with a slightly sweet cereal and molasses flavor. Toasted tobacco, pecans, black cherry, and cedar woody notes. The aroma is very sweet and pleasant. Body is mild - medium so far.


2nd Third- Flavors have changed pretty drastically to more woody and slight red pepper. The sweetness is now more like a burnt sugar with hints of raisons and pecans. The aroma is heavenly. Medium in body.


Last Third- The red pepper has subsided. Some twang and burnt molasses with hints of charred pecans. A very slight harshness as I hit the last inch. Remained medium in body. The burn was good the whole way never needing correction.


These really are a quick treat with a few years on them in my opinion. I'd give it a 90 rating overall. Cheers!




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RGPE are never that bad but I found PLP to have an edge after going head to head over about 8 boxes each, at least from 14-17. In particular I had many more construction issues with RGPE than with PLP. You'd think they would be made identically but for some reason PLP seems better made.

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