La Gloria Cubana Medaille d'Or No. 4 MSU July 17 (SRW)

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This examples construction is good particularly for LGC, smooth velvety wrapper, though not super oily. Veins are not too pronounced of and just a few discolorations. Draw is a bit loose for a cigar so thin but that’s just where I like it, and it's still not a wind tunnel.

After cutting and testing I get leather and sweet hazelnut from the cold draw


1/3 The initial base flavor seems to be mainly leather. The cigar is fairly sweet from both a hazelnut cream flavor and a bit of fruityness, maybe tart grape and a bit of peach with the grape being dominant. Some woodiness is present on the retrohale (perhaps oak) which I'm not getting on the palate. In the background just a touch of peperriness and smooth cream. The smoke remains smooth on the palate in spite of the pepper. The burn is slightly angled but this self corrected by the end of the first third. This particular cigar, while not necessarily strong for the MDO generally is rather strong for this box, most of which have been on the mild side of medium. At this point I'd call this one solidly medium.

Half.thumb.jpg.6725c4da0b0cae4d10c8a30aec270b64.jpgp><p style="background-color:#ffffff;col' alt='544257237_Endof2nd.thumb.jpg.51a07093caf95d0b6343b81fc5bf542b.jpg'>


3/3 I ash around the beginning of the final third with further strengthens the pepper. It and wood dominate the final third with a bit of the hzelnut from the cold draw, though the creaminess of this flavor is gone. Sweetness isn’t gone but fades further into the background. Right around the nub, it does return a bit. The final third was probably the least enjoyable to me, though the return of the sweetness was nice, so I smoked it down until it became uncomfortable to hold. This third was perhaps just shy of full strength.


I'll give this cigar a 92, as it wasn't quite mind blowing, and I've enjoyed other examples from this box more, but it was still really good, and I would be hard pressed to fault it much. Primary criticisms are the initial angled burn, and the pepperiness dominating other flavors for part of the final third, and being just a touch harsh on the palate. Though this effect wasn't bad, in other examples from this box, I have found flavors to be better balanced and mixed, and to retain prominence even as the cigar ramped up in strength. Similarly, other examples have remained smoother on the palate even as they gained spice and strength.


Excellent review I have a MSU box too and so far, they’ve been impressive

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So far I’ve smoked 6 I believe out of this box and 5 have been right on the money in terms of strength and balance. This was the first that I would say really needed more time to mellow. So maybe another 6 months would help, I think they’re close thought.

The other trade off of note is that the fruity flavors in the young ones seem to dissipate a bit with the strength and give way to more of a leather, nut , and cream profile. So if those are flavors you enjoy, it might be worth sampling one after they acclimate to see where you stand and go from there.

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