6:2:1 - Ramon Allones Superiores and Rogue Marionberry Sour

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This one's for you @MoeFOH. No outstanding video work for this one.  Tonight, the missus got me a few sour beers to try out because I've been craving something sour.  The Rogue Marionberry Sour pours purple. Like really purple and has a very tart berry aroma.  Much milder tasting than I expected.  Tart and sour, but not overwhelming with very soft dark berry flavor. I'm not sure what marionberries taste like, but I'm guessing it's like that.

The RAS is from a MUR May 13 box code.  Every one from this box has been an absolute home run, and this is no exception. Sweet bread, black tea, more subtle on the fruitcake than a RASS.  Draw and construction are top notch.

I initially had my doubts about the pairing, but once the beer warmed a little, it was sublime. Tangy blackberry tea, citrus rind, plums, touch of baking spices. Tartness of the beer was so refreshing. Highly recommended pairing if that's your flavor profile, 9.5/10.  Probably went through it too fast as I was getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, might have been perfect otherwise.



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Great stuff! At least someone can get a 6:2:1 review completed! Lol.

And I totally agree about the sours--they seem an incongruous pairing, but they can really gel sometimes. Taking the chill off I find is essential. Same with the Tripel I had the other night. 

Awesome work. Cheers! :clap:

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